Your Team

berta Herranz Berta Herranz, Spain

Hi! My name is Berta, and I´m 27 years old. I work as a kayak and outdoor activities instructor, as well as a freelance independent filmmaker. I enjoy spending time in the mountains and in nature. I´ve been mountain hiking since the age of 15, but I´m currently a bit out of shape haha. I think it´s important to take advantage of opportunities to get away from our daily stresses to spend time in nature with open-minded people. I´m looking forward to learning about different survival techniques, especially winter survival skills, because I have more experience with survival situations in warming climates. I think it will be very useful for my work and in life in general.

Calin Tot Calin Tot, Romania

Hello everybody! My name is Calin, and I’m 10 years old! That’s because 10 years ago I discovered for real the nature and all that is related to it. And I love it ever since, so it’s no surprise that all my hobbys are related with it, and my job also. I’m specializing as an outdoor trainer, and sometime in the future I hope to pass this passion to kids through outdoor education programs. I also like travelling and meeting new people and cultures, so I can’t wait to meet you all!

Zoltan Sitkei Zoltan Sitkei, Hungary

Good day Mates! My name is Zoltan, I'm from Hungary. I'm 33 years old. I work as a mediator in victim-offender cases and A.R.T. and outdoor experiential trainer in trainings for juvenile criminals. I work as a volunteer for a special search and rescue team in alpine rescue, firefighting, tchnical rescue and water rescue. I'm intrested in survival techniques as well. It is so close to me the nature and outdoor activities. I have two beautiful children and of course a beautiful and kind wife. I'm looking forward! Cheers!

Annia Pławiak Annia Pławiak, Poland

Hello, My name is Ania. I'm 23 years old. I have finished University of Economics in Wrocław, then started working and looking for adventures at my life. I like nature in every form - mountains, lakes, trees etc. I like swimming, I also started interesting in climbing. I am the person, who likes people, just because they are. I am outgoing, but also trying to not interfere other people. The most important thing is to be myself, feel free and relaxed. For me problems are not important handicaps, that could be easily bypass. That's why I'm always trying not to give up - Wintertouch give me an oportunity to try myself again

Eva Malgotova Eva Malgotova, Slovakia

Hi, i am Eva, 23, student from Slovakia. For the last year I was fullfilling my adventurous caracter with studying and travelling abroad (Spain, Portugal, Morroco & Central America ). Right now I am challenging myself just with my final thesis;), with my future life and with preparation of a project of experiential learning for students from my faculty. So i am really looking forward to experience the Wintertouch! So see you all snowmen soon

Panu Oranne

Panu Oranne, Finland

Greetings from cold and white Finland where winter has taken over. This boy is 28 years old and lately he has escaped from busy citylife and moved to the country side. Luckily there were intresting work around which allows to work with youth and do the projects according to my own intrests and abilities. Trough my life forrest has been my church and nature calls my hearth. Every way the explore the world and its wonders has been my passion. I am constantly looking for new ways to explore new possibilities. Besides the wondering around I found performing arts as one way to study life. At my thirtieths I ended up to studing it and now applied theatre is one of the closest working method.

Wojciech Pazdzior Wojciech Pazdzior, Poland

My personal and professional mission is to inspire and support others in achieving dreams. I do it by individual and group coaching, workshops, trainings and sometimes just by being close J

Personally I have a great job which I was dreaming of, I’m going to marry lovely woman. Mountain trips, books, dancing and Aikido are my ways to relax, rest and grow. I’m just starting my adventure with climbing and snowboarding.

I love sun and warmth, that’s why I see Wintertouch as even bigger challenge.

Sini Ratas, Finland
Sini Ratas

Hey, I'm Sini from Finland. I've been working as an instructor in Outward Bound Hong Kong for last two years and I will continue my career in Outward Bound Finland in more versatile job next year. My passion is the great outdoors - where ever there is a mountain to climb or sea to paddle I feel like I'm at home. I also love travelling and meeting new people and learning new things about their lives and cultures. I am adventurous and always looking for opportunities to do something new. I used to love Finnish winters and I also coped really well in that cold environment but now after living in Hong Kong for couple of years I'm pretty nervous about the Wintertouch course. I'm really looking forward to see you all thou and I hope it's going to be a wicked course !

Lucia Bogoni Lucia Bogoni, Italy

My name is Lucia and I live in a byodinamic farm in Umbria, a green area in the centre of Italy. I started working as an environmental educator six years ago, mostly with kids coming to visit a natural park. During springs I work with schools in an education centre about sustainability themes, and in summers I'm busy with summer camps for kids from 6 to 14 years old, doing activities in the environment, canoeing and cycling. After one year in Sweden, attending the course of Outdoor life and environmental education, I've decided that outdoors will be definitly the job of my life. I'm always more “free” during the winter, so I'm looking for attending your course to have inspiration for my activities.

Timo Haaksluoto, Finland
Timo Haaksluoto

Hello all! My name is Timo Haaksluoto. I am now 36 years old. I am a youth worker in a finnish youth center and my main target groups is school camps. I have a family with two nice kids and a dog. My work is mainly sitting with a computer, but occasionally I can go out with groups. We walk, canoe around our little island and climb. One one my big dreams is to make outdoor adventure education more known in Finland. Nowadays it is too much just fast activities without the deeper educational sense. I am no outdoor expert, but I do enjoy traveling and camping in wintern. I also like other adventurous activities and see no need to be good in them in order to enjoy them. My “speciality” is to use climbing ropework and other adventurous activities as a tool to talk with peole about life.

Hugo Domínguez Guillén

Hugo Domínguez Guillén, Spain

Hello everyone! My name is Hugo, I am 27 and pasionated about nature and wilderness..always seeking for new horizons to meet with. A person that enjoys climbing as the very first time I started to. My first expedition in snow was 6 years ago while finishing my forestry management degree in Finland. Since then I have being working in diferent Artic Regions. Greenland, Iceland, Finland and Patagonia are some of the destinations I work as a guide. But of course, none of this things have much interest without the people you can meet along the path. The friends that build us up and the joy of sharing a bite with somebody in the middle of nowhere. Besides, music, arts, cultures, guitar, playing ball, singing…isn´t this world plenty of things to do? Looking forward to meet you all!

Gwen Nickolaychuk, Norway
Gwen Nickolaychuk

After her university studies Gwen spent her early adulthood chasing dreams in an office in Canada. She then came to her senses, quit her office job and took her first job outside the box as a guide in Egypt. Since that first step, she has enjoyed many interesting countries, experiences and people. Winter is her favorite season and she hopes it stays that way after her Wintertouch experience;) She recently discovered a new passion…singing in a choir:) She is also very interested in the unique Czech method of working with people and it's opportunities for personal development within education.

Peter Borenstein Peter Borenstein, USA
Hi! My name is Peter Borenstein. I'm from sunny Southern California, USA but live now in New York City. I'm a former Outward Bound instructor in Australia and here in the US. I consider myself first and foremost an educator and I am passionate about changing attitudes about teaching and learning. I heard great things about the previous Intertouch courses and I am very excited to finally have a chance to participate!

Karin Wiedemann, Germany
Karin Wiedemann

Hi, I’m Karin from Germany, living in Berlin since 2001. My life is a journey and only life itself knows, where it is going to take me. Born in Munich in the south of Germany, grown up close to the Alpes I started working with kids being a skiinstructor. For my apprenticeship I lived one year in La Paz, Bolivia. After returning I moved to Berlin, worked there and studied Russian, German and Spanish. Then Outward Bound Germany found me and I found my destiny, working as an outdoor-instructor for 2 years now. Wintertouch found me as well so I’m quite curious about it looking forward to meeting all of you there.

Zsuzsanna Junasz, Hungary
Zsuzsanna Junasz

Hellooo. My name is Zsuzska, I am 29, working as an outdoor trainer for over 3 years both for Outward Bound Romania and for Élményakadémia Hungary. I am pretty much enthusiastic about teenagers from schools and from orphanages and create trainings for them, how to approach them in a playful way in order to reach high impact in integration. I love nature, because it is just so complete and perfect. I enjoy beeing with people and do some creative things - that can be music, dance, trainings, climbing, and any kind of outdoors. I am really looking forward of Wintertouch!

William Tullio William Tullio, Italy

Hi!!!I'm William and i come from Passignano s. T, a little city in the green hearth of Italy, the Umbria . I'm 31 years old, i live in a old forest far away from chaos of the big cities and i like so much live in nature! I'm geologist, specializing in earthquakes, but in the last 7 years I've been working with italian WWF in summer and school camps for children. I teach them to appreciate and respect our world. I like travel, find new places full of wildlife, learn about cultures and meet new friends. What else can I say?I'm looking forward to start this winter adventure! See you soon!

Myriam Schade, Germany
Myriam Schade, Germany Sometimes it feels like I have developed two lives over the last 31 years: Having grown up in the urban jungle of Berlin, I finished my Masters in Mathematics, and now I teach algorithms at a private University from time to time. I play handball and badminton, and love to watch movies and meet with my friends to cook or play board games. Then, there is that other life: I have been working as a canoe guide and outdoor educator in Europe, North America and Australia for over 8 years now. I love my job and everything that comes with it. You can catch me canoeing, white water kayaking, climbing or hiking in the wilderness of Canada or watching movies in Berlin. Or, let’s have an amazing winter adventure in the Czech mountains together! I’m excited and looking forward to it!

Viv Buxton Viv Buxton, NZ

Hi i'm Viv, 27, from Aoteoroa, the land of the long white cloud (aka New Zealand). I've been working at Outward Bound NZ for just over a year which involves working with mostly young adults (18-26 year olds) in the Marlborough Sounds (top of the South Island of NZ). In my privileged position I get to spend three out of every four weeks charging around local beech forests, sailing on the ocean and kayaking on our local rivers helping other people discover themselves and learning ample about myself at the same time. In between times im trying to make the most of the southern hemisphere summer getting the final mileage out of my mountain bike, enjoying spring river flows in my white water kayak and catching up with friends and family. I'm looking forward to a winter adventure in February. See you there!!

Kate O'Brian, UK

Hello, Im Kate, 27, from the land of Nessie, Haggis and Irn Bru. I grew up in Inverness, before gradually making my way South via university and various outdoor jobs to my current location in The Lake District where I work mostly with young people, creating developmental adventures. Outside of work I enjoy adventures of my own on my bike, in a canoe and in the mountains and also love combining these with travelling to explore new places and cultures. To relax I read, cook good food and love to listen to a good bit of live music (guitar/piano, good singer…) Im exicted about this Winter adventure and am looking forward to meeting you all.

Jon Valdivia, Spain

Jon Valdivia, Spain

Crazy, curious, intelligent (not always smart), creative 30 year old Spanish guy. 2004 Intertouch participant. IT Engineer, flight attendant, part time musician and actor. Lover of “the next new thing”, and also a addicted to peace and quiet. I love to help people make their dreams come true and get some clarity in their lives. I am an avid reader, and would love to live near the ocean, reading a book on my hammock, close to friends and family, with my sailboat on the deck, and the private jet ready at the airport for the daily skydiving practice.

Gustavo Fernandes, Brazil

Gustavo Fernandes, Brazil

For over 3 years I have lived and worked in the outdoors in Australia, Fiji and in different countries in South America including my home country Brazil. I have a degree in Tourism and a passion for the environment issues and the wildlife. I love hiking, birdwatching, and playing football.

Lien Peparmens, Belgium

Lien Peparmens, Belgium

My name is Lien Pepermans. I'm 34 years old, I have 2 brothers and I'm the goth-mother of Warre, a super nice baby of 3 moth's old :-)!! I travelled during 7 months (januari 2010 until august 2010) in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand. A very nice and wonderfull experience! After my trip I decided to quit my job as teacher. At the moment I work as freelancer and I give workshops for small kids (in between 4 and 7 years old) and their parents. I'm telling a story about an elephant and a boy. They listen to the story but in the main while the parents and the kids they do what's in the story. So they do 'circus/acrobatic-excercices' together, like 'riding on the back of the elephant' (parents on hands ands knies, the kids they sit on the back of their parents). I'm living in Bonheiden in Belgium.

Michal Corba Michal Corba, Slovakia

Hi all, I am Slovak living in Prague, working as a corporate trainer and also as tutor at the local university. Besides interest in people development, when it comes to sport, travelling, and networking I am all in. Many friends call me “Carp” (in czech “Kapr”) - like that fish!

R. Iskandar Suprayitno (Isky), Singapore R. Iskandar Suprayitno (Isky), Singapore

Budding sailing coach, NOLS Alaska graduate and definitely looking forward to cover all the continents before reaching my 30s! I have been in the tropical jungles, the desert, the seas, the hills and look set to attempt the Czech winter. Enriching youths and adults alike for the past 6 years as an outdoor educator, I thrive on experiences and creativity to bring the best of learnings. Pastimes are listening to soft rock music, playing soccer and babysitting my nephews. Another passion is adventure races which I have been yearly for the past half decade.

Adam Bennett, UK Adam Bennett, UK

Hello. My name is Adam Bennett and 35 years old. For the last 5 years I've been working as an outdoor instructor after quitting my office job in London. I currently run a small outdoor activity centre near the Lake District, called Ormside Mill. I like travel, challenging myself and trying new things, so I'm excited to see what Wintertouch will be like. This summer I did a few things for the first time: I completed my first triathlon, cycle sportive (105-mile bike ride) and mountain marathon (2 days running in the hills with a pack and camping in between). As a side effect of all this activity, I'm now as fit as I've ever been and I'm hoping I don't drift back into my old ways over the winter.

Tan Pei Lee (Kazel), Singapore Tan Pei Lee (Kazel), Singapore

An avid adventure seeker and sportswoman, I am always keen to challenge myself to go beyond my limits. Being an outdoor educator for the past 3 ½ years has given me ample opportunities to make an impact in the life of youth and young adults these days. I enjoy scaling new heights, climbing, travelling and doing sports of all sorts. The most recent, as well as the one and only winter encounter was an ice-climbing trip to OB Korea. Well, don’t be surprise if I am knitting today, and the next day, I would be out for adventure races or triathlons. My glass is half-empty; I am all set for the new outward bound journey in Czech!