Our Team


Boris Boda Janca   Boris Boda Janca

Boda is the boss of the Wintertouch project who got the idea. He is an experienced winter highlander who passed plenty of time in severe cold conditions. Boda is a person who has sharp and even black sense of humour. He is able to be a member of the board of administration of Vacation School of Lipnice and at the same time to manage a project at Masaryk University, to teach there and to organize courses for managers. At the right time he can start, lead and enjoy real party. (Janka)


Simona Simi Travnickova   Simona Simi Travnickova

When you see her dancing and singing you just can’t simply believe that the same person is lawyer, who is able to teach international private law at university, work at Czech Supreme court and organize courses for managers and other people in Czech Outward Bound. Simi is not only able to survive in -20 but she can make this surviving pleasant for everybody around her, you will see… (Jana)


Michal Kriska Kristynek   Michal Kriska Kristynek

Stories are his life and his life is the stories. Few years ago he has made up his mind and placed an old caravan in the silence of mountains in Rychlebske hory, a place full of stories where he strikes roots under an old lime-tree. He oscillates between ecological agriculture, creating maps (which is his profession) and developing people by creation and experiences. He is VSL instructor, lector and coach. (Boda)


Jana Ohlidalova   Jana Ohlidalova

Do you know where to seek a fascinating adventure in a life of gray? Have you met a sense of humor that don't fade even in harsh winter? Do you want to improve your English or Czech language skills? Let me introduce you Jana, a pretty young lady with strong and smart mind. She is a modern ninja in both an urban jungle and deserted mountain forests, committed never to sink in boredom of everyday life and to grab her friends along. Meet her and the rest will come. (Athaj)


  Jana Janka Kindlmannova Jana Janka Kindlmannova

Winter fairy - esoteric but very specific too. A sensitive being and a fan of eastern culture and philosophy. But she is also skilled instructor of Lipnice and specialist for winter experiental education. Sometimes she brakes her winter adventures on snowshoes or cross-countryskis with an exotic trip - recently to India. Jana´s profession is teaching - she is specialist in environmental education. And her love? Winter fairy can reveal more - but anyway you have to encounter her personally, on snow covered plain. (Michal)


  Ondra Hlousa Ondra Hlousa

Ondra is extremely smart young man that never leaves his brain idle. The latest challenge he addresses is to try to get all the stuff that is necessary to run a machinery of a winter course to right place at right time. If you have your toothbrush lost or you want to get into the fundaments of computer science or theoretical physics, Ondra is the right person to help. (Athaj)


Simon Athaj Rerucha   Simon Athaj Rerucha

Have you ever met a shy handsome boy, experienced lector of experiential courses who cannot say „no“ and who loves to work with laser technologies, teach how to combine clever computers with stupid refrigerators and measure the means of communication between bats and who (in his free time) travel all around the world? No? Participate Wintertouch any you will meet Athaj. Our master of technical sciences, great guitar player and source of a calm wisdom. (Simi)

Gray wolves

Profiles of our two “grey wolves” - highly experienced supervisors and mentors who will participate the course as trainers.

Both of them are Intertouched (were preparing the legendary course of VSL Intertouch) and so experienced in work with international groups.

Both of them are lecturers in the team of VSP Training of trainers focused of the special features of Czech method of experiential learning.


  Zdeněk Cimrman Beneš Zdeněk Cimrman Beneš

Cimrman, not only Czech but true global hero. A few years ago you would find him drawing computer processors of future generations in research center hidden in vast maple woods of Vermont state in the US. Today you have better chance to see him drawing or taking (female/landscape) pictures on the banks of Lake Geneve. Might look sleepy or even sleeping but in fact he is constantly designing a very special social-educational “game” that he needs players for (i.e. yourself). Get ready for profound and down-to-bone discussions on any topic related to universe exploration, nano science or old Dutch paintings. Still he knows well how to survive and even enjoy harsh winter conditions. When he stops blade running …looking for his place in the world, he may easily become Ridley Scott`s script writer. (Aleš)


  Aleš Pokorný Aleš Pokorný

He is a living example of a truly renaissance man. He possesses degrees in geology and medicine and a soul of an artist and a designer. He dedicated over a decade of his life to the path of a professional outward bound instructor. His passion is safety standards and his presence on Wintertouch is sure to dramatically lower your insurance premium. He has been the lead instructor of several Intertouch courses in recent years. Currently he is exploring challenges of the corporate world in one major multinational consulting company. While not instructing clients, he finds solace in his favorite place - a woodworking workshop of his father. He is an accomplished cross-country skier and a seasoned sailor. In his younger years, he helped his friends build a wooden replica of a medieval ship and sailed it around the world. I cannot imagine a better guide on a path of making dreams come true. (Cimrman)