What, When and Where

When and where exactly is the course going to start and end? (So that I know how to book my plane ticket…)
Meeting point will be at the airport Praha – Ruzyně on January 29, 2011 in the early afternoon (CET – Central European Time). Te end of the course will be designed to allow departure from the airport Praha – Ruzyně on February 13, 2011 in the early evening hours (CET).

There are no evening flights from Praha to my destination. Will I be able to leave already on Feb 13 in the morning, so that I can be back at work on Monday?

There are no evening flights from Praha to my destination. Will you provide me with some accommodation in Praha so that I can fly out the next day (Monday)?

Will I need to bring any Czech money (CZK)?
There will be very little, if any, opportunity to shop during the course itself. It might however not be a bad idea to carry some small amount (500 CZK or so) with you.

Signing up, Price and Paying

Does filling in and submitting the course application automatically guarantees a spot in the course or will the participants be selected later?
Your place in the course is guaranteed only after you pay the course fee. Once the payment has been confirmed, you can consider yourself “a participant”. Due to the limited number of spots available, it is quite possible, that as the course time approaches, we might have to implement some selection procedure to maximize diversity of the group (equal number of men and women, more countries of origins,…) To ensure a spot, the sooner you apply, the better your chances are.

What exactly is included in the price?
The course fee includes: accommodation (including the intentional lack of it on occasions) during camping portion of the course and during the methodology seminar, all meals during camping and the seminar, cost associated with course preparation, expert leadership and safety standard conformation during the program 24/7, special gear and equipment, participation of expert lecturers and guests, program surprises, insurance, transportation during the course (participants are responsible for the cost of transportation to the meeting point before the course and from the meeting point at the end of the course), Czech VAT (20%).

How can I pay the participant fee? Is it possible to pay cash on the course?
It is not possible to pay cash at the course, the payment has to be completed before the course. We will provide you with recommended payment procedure details and banking information once you fill the application form.


I do not own several/many of the items in the required gear list and I cannot currently afford to invest the amount of money needed to remedy this. Is there an option to borrow stuff?
Some items might be available for rent from us. Please, let us know what do you have and what do you need and we shall be able to figure it out. Under no circumstances this should be a reason for not participating in the course.

How shall I pack? One bag for expedition and separate one for camping? Or everything together? Will I carry everything with me all the time?

Some restrictions regarding participation

Is it possible to participate only in the methodical workshop or in another single part of the course?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate only in self-selected parts of the course. It is either ALL or NOTHING! Sorry.

I’m interested only in the method and I would like to observe only. Is it possible?
The course method is based on direct, authentic, personal experience. To be present strictly as an observer is effectively meaningless and it is thus not possible to “observe only”.

What are the medical limitations? (E.g. I will have a surgery in December, I’m pregnant etc).
It is impossible to provide a universal answer, some health limitations are more severe than others. Please, email us (info [at] wintertouch [dot] cz) the details of your situation and we will evaluate and discuss with you the possibility of your participation.

I do not speak English very well. (I can communicate only about the very basic things.) Is this a problem?
Decent communication skills are required. But you should be able to manage. (Perhaps, you may consider starting to take conversation classes in the remaining months before the course.) If you can understand the texts on this website, your English should be sufficient and you should have no problems.

I do not meet some of the requirements of the course (e.g. I’m younger than 21 / I don’t work as an outdoor instructor / I don’t work with people etc). Can I still enroll?
Sure. Send us a note, describe your limits/concerns in the application form. We should be able to accommodate any reasonable requests.

I’m not interested in the Czech holistic method of experiential learning, I just want to participate in an exciting winter expedition and get a new experience in winter environment. Can I enroll?
Yes, certainly. Just remember, that we will speak about the method during Wintertouch and so do not be surprised by that.

Course itself

What will be the weather like? What temperatures, quantity of snow shall I expect?
The weather in the mountains can be very variable. In an ideal case, the temperature will be between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius, there will be half a meter or a meter of snow on the ground, clear blue skies and no wind. The reality however can bring temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius or as high as +5 degrees Celsius (this is bad news because it means melting snow and wet, wet, wet conditions everywhere, and possible rain instead of snow).

Where will we sleep? How will the accommodation look like?
We will use three types of accommodation during Wintertouch: two person tents (see Gear section) that we will be carrying with us during the expedition (see FAQ section below); joint collective accommodation in large tents that we will pitch for ourselves during the camping phase; warm solid brick building will host our final methodology seminar.

What about cooking? What and how many times a day will we eat?
This will again be different during the different stages of the course. During the expedition we will be cooking in pairs from the supplies carried individually. During the camping phase we will enjoy the services of a full-time chef.

What do the various stages of the course?
After meeting at the airport and subsequent gear check we will depart for an expedition in the mountains that will last several nights. Upon reaching the “promised land” (a lovely meadow in the middle of the mountains) we will erect a campground that will become our home for the camping portion of the course. We like to work with “an element of surprise” as part of our method, and so more information about the course scenario will be revealed when the time comes.

Tell me something about Rychlebské Mountains. Are there e.g. bears, wolfs? What about avalanche hazard etc.?
Rychlebské hory are mountains between Czech Republic and Poland; we will be approximately 1000 meters above sea level, mostly in forest with no avalanche hazard. There are also no dangerous animals.

My personal needs

Will I be able to charge my mobile, camera etc. during the course? Will there be a good mobile signal?
We highly recommend not to bring/carry any electronic equipment and especially not any expensive items. There will be no electricity available most of the time and thus no way to recharge your batteries. The signal coverage for mobile phones in the mountain area is very poor if any.

Will I be able to keep my eating habits? (E.g. I’m a vegetarian/my religion does not allow me to eat certain things/ I’m on a special diet etc.)
Yes, this will be possible. We only need to know your dietary restriction needs well ahead of time so that we (our chef) can plan accordingly.

I would like to take notes during the course. Will it be possible?
Yes, certainly. You will even receive a pencil and notebook from us for this purpose :-)

Can I take my dog or my boyfriend with me?
Sorry, no dogs. Boyfriend only as a registered regular course participant :-)