Czech holistic approach

Czech approach consists of ‘Dramaturgy‘, a theatre term which involves the development of themes and the integration of a wide variety of social, physical, creative, emotional and reflective activities into a course scenario aiming to enhance the challenge to participants in ways other than physical.

The ‘dramaturgy’ is then adapted during the course for the specific needs of the individuals and group. The ‘dramaturgy’ is the art of interweaving a balance of effort and relaxation, physical and mental activities, individual and group events to maximizing the final course effect. It defines the characteristic features of a given course, its time frame, program concepts, proportions and themes.

‘Dramaturgy’ is seen as a vital part of the instructors’ work and understanding of the experiential education process. Dramaturgy is the way to put different activities and games together to create a whole picture, a balanced result. Making the course can be an art itself.

The courses are founded on methodological principles that allow opportunities:

  • for dynamic experiences,
  • for feedback,
  • to win and lose,
  • to experiment,
  • to explore social diversity,
  • to extend ‘comfort zones’ and
  • to explore one’s abilities and skill.

The empirical findings suggest that the course ‘dramaturgy‘ and range of games and activities developed at OB Czech republic have much to offer in terms of training of staff and course development.

To understand the ‘dramaturgy’ it is necessary to have a personal experience with the program designed by this principle. Therefore the participants will take part in the whole program to get their personal experience (part Expedition) and in the last part (Finale) – during the methodological workshop – we will work with the course scenario and explain the used dramaturgy principles. And participants can utilise them later in their work.


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