Basic Info

What can I expect from Wintertouch?

You can expect winter outdoor scenery flavoured by challenging games, straight forward debriefs and profound behind-the-scenes insights. Fear of cold toes will be soon dismissed by power of hot minds and souls!

Wintertouch gives you the opportunity to enrich your professional skills of a coach, instructor, trainer, social-worker or a teacher etc. by meeting the holistic approach to outdoor education. And Wintertouch might refresh your old feeling that working with and for other people is the right thing to do.

You can expect to meet exciting people from all over the world, impressive winter scenery, but first of all - meeting yourself. You will touch the bottom, reach the skies and try the unknown, return to the forgotten, find new sources of energy. You will find your inner frontiers and push them.

What is the new challenge?

You will try your limits! Wintertouch is completely an outdoor course - we will spend almost two weeks (that means entire nights and days) outside any building and surrounded by harsh and cold but magic Czech winter.

Who it is for?

Wintertouch is designed for participants who work with other people as trainers, instructors, teachers, social workers and those who are willing to explore the world of new (Czech) ways of experiential learning.

It is also for everyone who would like to meet new people from all around the world, get new experience for their future live and stretch personal frontiers.

Will I make it?

Yes. You do not need any previous experience with outdoor activities in winter or special physical training. You just need to be determined to face the challenge of spending two weeks in winter.

Basic facts

The course will be entirely run in English.

The course consists of:

  • Prologue (4 days)
  • Expedition (8 days)
  • Finale (2 days)

Expected date: Saturday 29th January 2011 (CET) – Sunday 13th February 2011 (CET)

Age: 21+

Price: 10 000 Kč (400 E) – might be reduced according to the potential financial support from EU we apply for.

Venue: Rychlebské hory (mountains in the Czech Republic)


Interested? Do you want to sign up now? Please fill in the form at the website of Vacation School Lipnice.

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us at info [at] wintertouch [dot] cz! And don't forget to come back to to see what's new!

Let's keep in touch - WinterTouch!

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